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Our Story

Unlocking Potential at Every Turn

Hi there! We're so glad to introduce SHYAM to you! 

We are a team of growing individuals, always at the ready for new challenges and new accomplishments. Our team has a wealth of experience, both good and bad. We may have failed, we have fallen, we have succeeded, we have learnt. But most of all, we have continued to rise! 

As for many of us, the times of the global pandemic was a special time. For us at SHYAM, looking past COVID-19 meant new beginnings. 

Since COVID-19, we have strengthened our team, we have added a whole range of new and solidified skills under our belts. Since then, we have also increased our business acquisition portfolio. We have seen and analysed many businesses - so we know what to do and what not to do in business!

About Us

Currently many high-street jewellers have disappeared and many have moved solely to an online retail model. Lots of small-scale sole trader type retail jewellers have completely disappeared. COVID-19 has expedited this. 

You may be the founder of an established business and looking to retire but still have your legacy continue. Perhaps you may also be looking for a semi-retirement and willing to work under the new management. It may also be that you would like to have your business sold for much higher than your current valuation but, not quite sure how to get the ideal value. We also partner with existing management teams to “buy out” retiring owners. Whatever the case may be, we are ready to initiate a conversation to identify the right partnership to achieve your goal!

Meet The Team

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